Dispute Resolution Services

Civil Litigation

Admitted to practice in all state and federal courts in CT and MA, including Bankruptcy

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Mediation & Arbitration

AAA; JAMS; courtside arbitration and mediation. Consideration of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is essential at some point in every dispute

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Litigation hold; email policies; retention policies; attorney-client privileged advice on smoking guns

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Risk Management

Professional advice on developing a risk management culture in your organization employing contracts, training and identification of insurance products

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Commercial Litigation

Outsourcing contracts; NDA breach; fraud; IP; construction; non-disparagement; shareholder disputes; partnership disputes; MA 93A; CUTPA

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Get paid, full range of collection tools ranging from aggressive demand letters, to pre-judgment remedies, to liens, to creditor's rights in bankruptcy

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Industries and Sectors Served


Evaluation and preparation of claims regarding breach of contract; bond and lien claims; arbitration and litigation

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Shareholder & partner disputes, commercial litigation, IP disputes, employee theft

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Construction litigation; DOT issues; Data Protection & Privacy; Emerging Technology Law 

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Full life-cycle experience representing startup businesses in many industries. Avoid disputes through well-drafted foundational documents and contracts. 

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Information Technology

Disputes over performance, breach, terms of service, vendor contracts, data protection & privacy, information security, employment, IP protection, etc.

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Emerging Technology

Disputes over IP, Terms of Service, reliability, trade secrets, disparagement, confidentiality agreements, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and more

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