Our remote law practice systems for conference calls, secure video, document sharing, accounting, etc. have been in place for many years and thoroughly battle tested.

What we are doing to keep everyone safe:

  • Attorneys and staff fully vaccinated; we wear N95 masks
  • Telephone and video conferences (Zoom, Microsoft Teams); no need to meet in person
  • All communications secure and confidential
  • Documents reviewed online and signed electronically
  • Electronic filing of court and other documents

How we can help clients:

  • Advice regarding disability accommodations for Covid and LongCovid
  • Updates to data protection & privacy policies
  • Updates to employment manuals
  • Law and regulation governing "going online" and remote workplaces
  • Supporting #healthybuilding standards for filtration of workplace air
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations and OSHA safety regulations in the workplace advice
  • Drafting/review of design and construction contracts for Indoor Air Quality renovations (#IAQ)

During the remainder of the pandemic, meetings, hearings, and most other business will be conducted remotely. If in-person contact is necessary (e.g., onsite visits, inspections, interviews), N95 masks and strict social distancing for all are mandatory conditions.