Industries and Sectors Served


General and specialty contractors in commerical, institutional, and high-end residential construction; CM at risk; DOT project contractors

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Representing subcontractors and sub-subcontractors on contract drafting, collections, lien & bond claims, arbitration, litigation, and more.

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Design Professionals

Representing architects, engineers, and other experts on corporate, employment, risk management, defense of professional negligence claims, and more

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Corporate and Institutional Owners

Represent owners in construction matters, contract drafting & review, claim preparation, & litigation

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Building materials, specialty contractors, technology vendors, and more

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Green Building

Renewable energy, corporate sustainability, land use, and more

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Transactional & Dispute Resolution Services

Contract Review & Drafting

Construction, design, EPS, easement, labor, employment, IT, vendor/supplier, Website Terms of Service, privacy, & more

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Risk Management

Professional advice on developing a risk management culture in your organization employing contracts, training, checklists, and identification of insurance products

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Information Governance

Good records = successful audits; legally defensible document retention policies, comprehensive written information security policies

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Litigation & Arbitration

Experienced, aggressive, efficient, and effective; bond & lien claims, collections; defense of design errors; government contracts

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Business Advice

Corporate law, joint ventures (JVs), asset protection, due diligence, confidential investigations, advice on board duties, and more

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Emerging Technology Law

Contractual risk allocation in Building Information Modeling (BIM) projects, sustainability, performance clauses, risk allocation in new technology

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